Business Building Tips

Get Certified.

CCA Credit Consultants Association is a non-profit national trade organization, and their certification is valid in all 50 states. Their How To Start A Credit Repair Business Training Course and ongoing support system will help you become an expert in solving credit issues for your customers. The training is self-paced and you can finish as fast as you like. And you gain instant creditability by becoming Board Certified with them. Some of the Software companies also offer a certification but those are generally only a retail certification vs CCA which is accepted by states that require certification.

Get Trained

CCA Credit Consultants Association in addition to being able to get you certified also offers top notch training at an affordable price.  Their Standard Plus Plan “recommended” includes Board Certified Credit Consultant and Certified Credit Score Consultant Credentials fees, Training materials, and membership. You will learn all about FICO and earn the title of Specialist. 12 months Membership to their trade association is also included. Check out all their plans here.

Take full advantage of your CCA Membership and Certification.

There are tons of benefits that come from your association with CCA. Start with their help desk. The helpdesk is setup to provide all the tactical information needed to help you learn how to start a credit repair business or take your current credit repair business to the next level.  The help desk will also assist you with solving tough ongoing credit issues.  You will learn all about the FICO scoring systems, and they will keep you up to date on any important changes in the Credit Repair Industry. 

Finding Customers!

Yes, the “fun” part. It actually can be and rewarding as well. Never sell yourself short. Many of us have 50 to 100 contacts in our phone and another 100 to 1000 on our social media accounts and remember all those email address from back in the day! Well, you get the picture. A short message letting everyone know what you are doing can go a long way. Don’t bombard or pester anyone if they don’t respond. Almost everyone knows someone who has had or is having problems with their credit report. And yes, business cards still work, an order of 100 professionally printed cards are usually less than $20. You can hand out cards to your rideshare driver, your cleaner, your Door Dasher. Endless possibilities with the good old fashioned business card.


Network Network Network!

Entire books are written on this subject. People have risen to the CEO by effective networking. Defined as “the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.”  Try attending the next mixer hosted by your local Chamber of Commerce. Usually a good mixture of local businesspeople and almost always includes Real Estate agents, Bankers and Attorneys. 

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