Credit Repair Software Reviews

Client Dispute Manager is a one-stop-shop, all-in-one, business-in-a-box credit repair software for consumers and credit restoration companies. They are based out of Ft Lauderdale, Fl and offer a 30-day free trial. CDM claims over 2000 Credit Repair companies use their software. They feature the “client auto setup” which allows potential customers to sign up on your site while you are away or even asleep. Sounds pretty cool to wake up and see new business! CDM will also send your customers emails during the dispute process to keep them happy and prevent them from cancelling. They offer support via email, live chat and phone and in addition offer classes 3 times a week to understand the software and personal credit repair walkthroughs. Lots of neat features and highly recommended by us.

CRC headquartered on famous Venice Blvd in Los Angeles describes itself as “software that makes it incredibly easy to launch, run, and grow your very own profitable credit repair business, or add an entirely new revenue stream to your existing business.” They also offer a 30-day free trial. CRC got started about 10 years ago when founder Daniel Rosen discovered an error on his credit report that nearly devastated his life. Today they have over 20k active users. It’s not hard to believe they have been so successful when you look at founder Daniel Rosen who is a proven leader who really goes above and beyond helping you at all stages of your business. A little trivia. Daniel is also a successful juggler and magician who was a regular guest on the Tonight Show With Johnny Carson!

Credit Repair Cloud

DisputeBee headquartered in Milwaukee has developed a user-friendly cloud-based software that allows you to get up and running on Day 1. They also offer one of the best refund policies. DisputeBee is unique in the CR Software field in that when they first launched in 2018, they targeted individuals who wanted to repair their own credit and business owners. Lee Schmidt is the founder and CEO. DisputeBee’s strength lies in their “factual dispute” method.  As Lee explains it “One of the most successful strategies in credit repair involves sending carefully crafted letters to credit bureaus, debt collectors, and creditors.” DisputeBee also offers top notch customer service and Lee himself often responds personally to your request.